Is it possible to shape your nose without plastic surgery?

Leafing through the pages of glossy magazines, one cannot help but notice how perfect the facial features of models, actresses and other celebrities are. It is easy to get an inferiority complex just by looking at them! Especially, since most girls’ nose shape is far from the standards advertised by the magazines. Some of us complain of a nasal hump, others of a nose being too large or wide.

Millions of women in Philippines dream of fixing the shape of their nose with the help of plastic surgery. And it is, in fact, the only way to correct the shape of the nose following a trauma, a serious birth defect, etc. But in other cases (nasal hump, for example), before exposing yourself to health risks connected to undergoing a surgery, try out some safer solutions. Making the nose smaller (perhaps only visually) can be done with a help of a few simple tricks. Many of them are used by celebrities all around the world.

Сan nose shape naturally change?

Take 3 foundations of different shades: one that matches your natural skin tone, one that is a tone lighter, and another one a tone darker. Lighter tone allows you to define your volume zones. Dark – reduces them.

Apply the foundation that matches your skin color and blend it well. If you want to make the length of your nose appear smaller, apply a darker shade of the foundation on the base of the nose, wings and a tip. Dot small amounts of foundation on the specified areas, and then carefully blend them to avoid harsh edges and ensure the smooth transition of color.

reduce nose without surgery

If you want to make the nose look narrower, apply a darker shade on the nose wings. Apply a lighter shade on the center of the nose. Apply a powder of light brown or bronze color on the tip of your nose.

It is better to apply your foundation not with your fingers, but using special sponges. After completing the contouring of the nose, apply a face powder matching the natural color of your skin.

You can also disguise a large nose, by focusing on the lips. If you wear a lipstick of bright red color, the attention will be drawn away from the nose and to your lips. But this option is not suitable for girls with very plump lips and big eyes.

Adapting your look

  1. Make sure you have correctly shaped eyebrows. Any asymmetry will put a spotlight on your nose. The same goes for too thick, too thin and too light eyebrows. Ideally, opt for the eyebrows of natural color with a slight arch.
  2. Hairstyle. If you have a long and wide nose, forget about straight and thick bangs in favor of torn, oblique or asymmetrical ones. Large curls on mid-length hair reduce the appearance of a large nose, and make the face look wider.
  3. Hair color. Go for bright, saturated colors. A good option is adding highlights of contrasting colors.

Facial exercises

In some cases, you can shrink nose size at home with the help of special face gymnastics.

  • Squeeze your nostrils with your fingers and breathe through your mouth for 5 minutes. Such an exercise helps to slightly narrow the wings of the nose. To achieve the result, do it 3-4 times a day for 2 months.
  • Squeeze the tip of the nose with your fingers and pull it upwards. At the same time, try to reach your chin with your lower lip. It is said that such an exercise will make your nose look slimmer and even help relieve a chronic cold.

During those exercises, try to breathe steadily. At first, the nose might swell a bit – this is normal. But after a couple of months, the reflection in the mirror will not disappoint.

Non surgical rhinoplasty in Philippines: Rhino Correct nose clip!

A similar effect, but less traumatic, can be achieved by using Rhino Correct, a device for correcting the shape of the nose. This is a gel nose clip, which helps narrow nose wings and lift the tip of the nose, fixing the nasal cartilages in a certain position. It`s cheapest rhinoplasty in Philippines! After 30-60 days of a daily wear of Rhino Correct for 2-3 hours (you can wear it during the night), the nose becomes straighter and slightly turned upwards, the hump disappears. The resulting effect lasts a lifetime.

Is it possible to shape your nose without plastic surgery?
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