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Tips for Increasing Penis Size with Home Exercises

Penis size is a pressing issue for many men, and all men want to be well-endowed. Unfortunately, not all of us can hit the genetic lottery and end up with the size and shape we want. Still, there are plenty of options for men who want to make their penis bigger. So what is the cure for a small penis? The internet is full of advice on how to alter your member. Tips range from relatively helpful to ludicrous, and some people even use baking soda for penis enlargement. We’ve compiled a list of techniques you can try at home to boost the size of your member in a natural way. Here is what should be done to enlarge penis size:

1. Penis enlargement gels

Do you hate to take pills? Or you don’t want to wait days or even months until physical exercises start working. It’s not a problem. Nowadays, the male enhancement market offers you an alternative – penis growth oil gel that can have a faster effect than pills or any exercises . And it is easy to use it.

You can apply enlargement lotions, gels and oils directly to your penis, massage them and start noticing the immediate effect.

Try these products, and you will see the instantaneous and effective penis growth results and make sure that they can be applied easily. No pills, no supplements, no surgeries. Your money is spent to get rid of your erectile dysfunction and make you happy.

Penis growth oils and gel have a lot of advantages, including as follows:

  • Natural blend;
  • Applied on your skin externally;
  • Increased stamina;
  • Better virile strength;
  • Improved sexual drive and performance.
We recommend to try Titan gel: NOT ONLY YOU WILL FEEL THE EFFECT

2. Kegels

Kegels have a solid reputation with women who want to strengthen their vaginal muscles to boost sexual pleasure, but they can also work for men looking to size up in the bedroom. Typically, the main reason men want a larger penis is to stay hard for longer periods of time. Kegels will give you the control you need over your member. How do you do kegels? Basically, you need to focus on the muscles you use to stop urinating mid-stream. Tighten them for a few seconds, then release. Do about 20-30 reps a day, and gradually increase the number as you gain more control over those muscles. Once you’re able to control your erection, you’ll be able to stay harder longer, especially when you’re having intercourse. It’s an excellent size booster.

More about Kegels exercise:

Kegel Exercises for Men

Kegel Exercises

3. Rotation & Circular Motions

This cure to enlarge penis size entails pulling your penis outward with one hand, then turning or rotating it while you stretch it out. You want to alternate, rotating one way for about thirty seconds, then spending the same amount of time rotating the other way. Using this technique every day, and making sure you get 5-10 reps in, should help you out in terms of both girth and length.

4. Jelq Yourself

Men have been using this penis enlargement technique for decades, if not longer. Your penis needs to be semi-erect, and you’ll need some lube. Once you’re all lubed up, gently massage your member in a continuous motion, pulling it from the base up. Alternate between hands to avoid losing momentum. It’s a bit like jerking off, but the point is slightly different. Jelqing pushes the blood from the base of your penis all the way up to the head, which results in penis enlargement. You can use this technique as many times a day as you want.

5. Weights

Be careful with this one, because it can be kind of dangerous unless you do it right. The idea is to attach some kind of weight to your penis, and the weight will stretch it out over time. You can add a bit more weight after you’re used to lighter loads. Just don’t overdo it, or you can do some serious damage to your junk.

6. Yank the Chain

This is essentially a gradual stretching technique that works over time. Grab the tip of your member. Then, use one hand to gently pull your penis away from your body. Use your other hand to hold down the base. For best results, do this for about ten minutes twice a day. Each session should only take a few seconds to complete.

7. Pull Back the Skin

This one is kind of self explanatory: you need to pull the skin back toward your body. The best way to do this is to use your thumbs, placing your other fingers under the shaft to provide support. Make sure not to squeeze too tightly, and definitely avoid pulling for longer than ten to fifteen seconds. Otherwise, you risk cutting off your blood circulation. Do this exercise once a day, and repeat for a total of about five minutes per session.

 penis enlargement technique

8. Stretching

This is probably the simples technique on the list, as all you have to do is stretch your penis out in different directions. Hold each stretch for a count of ten, then switch directions and repeat. Continue to do this for about five minutes a day, and you should be set to go!

Now you know what should be done to enlarge penis size! The best thing about these home exercises don’t require any special equipment or expensive gels. You can do them safely anywhere, at any time. Just make sure to stick to the instructions, and remember that consistency is the key to success!

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